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BISHESH DROSHTOBYO (2017) - All Songs Lyrics | Arbovirus

Bishesh Droshtobyo(2017) MP3 Songs Lyrics, Arbovirus
Bishesh Droshtobyo By Arbovirus MP3 Album Songs Lyrics:
Bishesh Droshtobyo is Arbovirus's latest Bangla rock music album of 2017. They are officially launched their Music album Digitally on YouTube channel. All songs are tuned by Arbovirus. You Can Get 11 Songs Of This Album Exclusively on GAAN Music Mobile Apps. Hope Everyone Like Arbovirus's new mp3 song album "Bishesh Droshtobyo" & Keep Listening Songs Gaan muisc portal Apps.

This Bangla music album songs are composed by Arbovirus and lyrics are penned by Sufi. This album Mp3 songs is copyrights by Arbovirus & Gaan App.

Album Name: Bishesh Droshtobyo (2017)
Singer: Sufi
Lyricist(s): Sufi
Vocal: Sufi
Base Guiter: Adnan
Guiter: Ronjon, Suharto & Fasih
Drums: Nafiz
Sound Engineer: Zakir
Guiter Technisian: Arnob
Release on: 13 January 2017
Language: Bengali

Bishesh Droshtobyo Lyrics can be seen through below songs list.

Bishesh Droshtobyo - MP3 Songs Albums Lyrics

  1. Bhenge Felo - Arbovirus
  2. Mukhosh - Arbovirus
  3. Cholona - Arbovirus
  4. Nilam - Arbovirus
  5. Surjo - Arbovirus
  6. Mukhosh - Arbovirus
  7. Oshonglognota - Arbovirus
  8. Bondhur Lash - Arbovirus
  9. Tomar Gaan - Arbovirus
  10. School - Arbovirus
  11. Tomader Shommane - Arbovirus